Mountain Biking Breckenridge Colorado: The Blair Witch Trail

  • 1.61 Distance
  • 3 Difficulty (1-10)
  • 315 Total Ascent
  • 9728 High Point

It’s best to ride the Blair witch trail from east to west from where the Horseshoe Gulch trail intersects with the Hay Trail.  This intersection is where the east end of the Blair Witch trail starts.  At 1.4 miles, it’s not very long until you’re dropped out onto the Colorado Trail. The Blair Witch’s tights turns, short climbs, descents, and obstacles are sure to put a smile on your face that will last much longer than the trail does.

You can get to the Blair Witch trail from the Horseshoe Dredge Trailhead off Tiger road from Breckenridge by riding the Horseshoe trail. You can also reach it by riding up the Horseshoe Gulch trail from the Soda Creek Trail or riding up the Hay Trail from the Homestead in Soda Park. You could also use the Colorado trail to get to the west trailhead of the Blair Witch trail but be prepared to have a much longer climb and a shorter descent if you are heading back to the Horseshoe Dredge Parking lot. A lot of riders include this short section of trail into their current route of trails in this area.

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From the Horseshoe Gulch and Hay trail intersection, the Blair Witch trail starts with a little climb to strain your legs. Don’t let that bother you too much as it’s only a few hundred yards before you are back to relatively flat ground, and where you can get into a rhythm.  Once to across the flat section, you will be on a gentle turn to the right.  The start of the fun winding turns will start here, and you will be enjoying them for the next half mile.  The ground is on the sandier side of things so you may slide around a bit if you are going too fast.  There will be a few sections where the trees will seem too narrow and not evenly spaced.  You will make it through them, and the flow of the trail will make you appreciate it more.

At .67 miles from the Blair Witch trail sign, you will find your second climb. This climb is a little under a half-mile and only raises 135 feet, but it is enough to make you lose the momentum you have held up to this point.  The next half mile is mostly downhill with small climbs thrown in for good measure.  It’s during this section of the trail after the power lines that you will start encountering some obstacles.  As I write this, there are currently three places where trees have fallen across the trail, and people have turned them into ramps and rollovers.  You may not be able to see the other side of them, but each side should be similarly built to allow you a decent rollover.  The Blair Witch is an incredibly fun trail with 315 feet of climbing and 297 feet of descending over 1.6 miles, give or take by my GPS.

At the T intersection of the Colorado trail, a left turn will take you back to the Horseshoe Dredge Parking Lot.  Turning right will lead you on the Colorado trail to the Hippo trail junction and down to the Soda Creek Trail.  Staying on the Colorado trail from this intersection will have you climbing a few hundred feet to some of the best descending to Hwy 9 that you will experience.  If you choose to go down to Hwy 9 and you parked at the Horseshoe Gulch Trailhead you will need to ride back up Tiger road to get to back to the parking lot.  Aside from Tiger Road, there is no other easy way to get to the Horseshoe Dredge Trailhead.

There are lots of ways you can work this fun and unique trail into your route; either way, you do it will add next-level fun to your ride.