Which Garmin Edge Quarter Turn Bike Mount Should You Buy?

These bike mounts offer a more relaxed view of the GPS as you are riding which allows you to glance down without having to lose sight of the trail. That makes these mounts worth everything and more. Did I forget to mention that they look cool too?

I have been riding with GPS data for as long as I can remember. My Garmin Connect history goes all the way back to 2005. Right now I own a Garmin Edge 810, and you can read about it here.

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I upgrade my GPS every few years and am currently using the Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar. I have the Garmin Edge 1030 Plus as well and prefer the Edge GPS units which I can mount on my bike. I also like the Garmin GPS units because they are durable, and they can show you so much information it can nearly be a distraction. Like when you are riding uphill, you can glance down at the gradient in which the hill climbs or falls as you mash the pedals like a man possessed.

I have crashed with them, exposed them to the elements, mounted them to ski gloves, and have never had issues. Well, there was that one time in Moab where I flew over than handlebars going uphill and smashed my Forerunner 201 into the rocks. I used to take my Garmin 705 to the ski resorts with me in the winter mounted to the outside of my ski gloves to track vertical and max speed. GPS units give you a real-time perspective which can easily lead to an extra level of incentive to dig deep despite whatever your body might say. To make the GPS look as cool as possible, it is best to have an Out-Front quarter turn bike mount. Oh yeah, I sometimes have to remind myself that it?s not always about the cool factor. These bike mounts offer a more relaxed view of the GPS as you are riding which allows you to glance down without having to lose sight of the trail. That makes these mounts worth everything and more. Did I forget to mention that they look cool too? I might have, just back there a bit.

Garmin Edge Extended Out-Front Mount (Here)

Garmin Edge Extended Out-Front Mount

I have used this mount the longest out of the others on this post. They are inexpensive and easy to use.


  • Rubber shims come with the unit to allow you to attach it to any size handlebar scratch free
  • Sturdy thick plastic means that the mount will not break even if you do
  • Metal hinge pin and machine screw give you confidence that it won’t all come undone during your bumpy rides.
  • Extends the viewing position of your GPS so it is much easier to see and is less distracting.


  • Once used you will have to shell out the cash for additional units for each of your bikes + 1 for each bike you are thinking about getting.
  • Has been known to make you ride harder and faster with extended use
  • Still aligns your GPS in the Sweat Zone

Garmin VIRB Ultra Cycling Combo Mount

Garmin VIRB Ultra Cycling Combo Mount

The Garmin VIRB Ultra Cycling Combo Mount is the mount I currently use with my Garmin Virb Ultra 30. It could also be used for the Varia UT800 Smart Headlight as well, but that light comes with a mounting bracket included. If you were seriously considering buying the light and already had the combo mount, I would choose the helmet mount for options down the road.

Garmin Universal Out-front Mount For Varia


  • It offers a great perspective and field of view for your Virb Video.
  • The Virb ultra 30 will automatically orient the video right side up when the camera is mounted upside down.
  • Can be used for GoPros as well.
  • The sturdy plastic is extra thick to support the additional weight for two units.
  • Designed with a metal hinge pin and machine screw, you will not be walking back up the trail to try to find your camera and GPS when you glance down and realize they both are no longer there.


  • You may find yourself doing stupid things due to the weight of the camera. It can be avoided by compressing and maintaining your center of gravity.
  • The camera may be positioned within line of site of the break or gear cable. If that irritates you, don’t remove the cable, use tape to move the offensive cable out of the way.
  • May raise the stoke factor with so much technology in your field of view. Calm down and remember to breathe.

Garmin Universal Out-front Mount For Varia (Here)

I do not own this one yet, but I thought I would include this for awareness. This mount is included with the purchase of the Varia? UT800 Smart Headlight and the Varia? TL 300 Taillight. The Varia? products from Garmin are on the top of my list for additions to my bikes in the near future. The UT800 light, the TL 300 taillights and the rear-view radar are very compelling units for obvious reasons. I know, you don?t have to tell me, even if I am using my lights some people still do not see me or move around me with the care that I think they should.


  • Have a common quarter turn mount on top and have a newer mounting assembly on the bottom with an additional screw on attachment for GoPros, Virbs, or lights like the UT800.
  • Construction should be the same as the combo mount and the out-front mount listed above.
  • Will be compatible with other Varia? devices is the product line grows.


  • Prolonged use of the Varia? system may make you pull off the road or trail at random times for safety.
  • Moose, wolves, and other volatile animals may not be seen from behind while using electronic radar.
  • Still aligns your device in the sweat zone.
Garmin VIRB Ultra Cycling Combo MountGarmin Edge Extended Out-Front MountGarmin Universal Out-front Mount For Varia

You can view this mount in the Varia UT800 Smart Headlight: Getting Started video below from Garmin?s Varia UT 800 Product page here.

Riding with any of these mounts are going to be pretty sweet. I use the combo mount nearly all the time because I never really know when I am going to want to attach my Virb Ultra 30 or my GoPro 3 Black. They are super sturdy and easy to use. While in the beginning, I was worried about having a GPS sticking out the front of my riser or flat bar I have grown to like the extended view of my GPS in this position. Using the Garmin quarter-turn mounting system is super easy to remove and add your GPS to any bike you feel like you want to ride.

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